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The Barber Board of Examiners

The Barber Board of Examiners is chosen from our membership. We select a list of five names. The list is sent to the Governor and he then appoints one of the nominees to the board. Each potential board member must be a registered barber who has been practicing the profession for at least five years prior to nomination. They serve three year terms, with one term expiring on December 31st of each year.

Century Code section 14-01-01-01 states that the board of barber examiners was organized in North Dakota in 1901 to provide supervision of the practice of barbering to protect the public health, welfare, and safety. It is responsible for the protection of the public and the barbering profession from unfair and uneconomic practices.

All barber shops, schools or colleges where barber service is rendered is open to inspection at all times during business hours, to any member of the board or to any member of the state department of health. Every new shop must be examined by the board, and after that initial inspection, will be examined once each year.

Each barber applicant must have completed 1550 hours of instruction at a school approved by the board and passed an examination before receiving a master license, attaining registered barber status.

The Fee Schedules as of 2011 are as follows:

Master examination
Yearly Master Barber license
Yearly shop license
New shop inspection

Mr. Charles Kilpatrick of the National Organization of Barber Boards was contacted and he replied with a list of states with whom North Dakota would most likely have reciprocity. A reciprocal agreement with another state means that a licensed barber could move to that state and purchase a license without further schooling or examinations. States continually change laws and requirements, however, so one should probably inquire. The following states are the ones listed by Mr. Kilpatrick:

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, (not sure about Iowa), Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, (not sure about Michigan), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, (not sure about Nebraska), Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Soputh Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, (not sure about Utah), Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, (not sure about Wisconsin), and Wyoming. For more information about reciprocity, fees, or the barber laws, contact a member of the board.

Joel Brehmer,
Graver Barbers
630 2nd Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102
(H) 701-232-3831

Paul Ellerkamp
Paul Ellerkamp,
Vice President
Big Sky Barber Shop
448 21st St W E2
Dickinson, ND 58601
(W) 701-225-2497
(H) 701-590-2836

Tona Stevenson
Tona Stevenson,
Secretary/Treasurer - Public
Relations and Education
New Image Barber Shop
122 8th Ave NW
Minot, ND 58703
(W) 701-837-0826

Aequo International
Verification of Documents for Out of Country Applicants:

Moler Barber College of Hair Styling

North Dakota's Official Accredited Barber School
Located at
16 South 8th Street
Fargo, North Dakota 58103

Fargo Population: 110,357
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Moler Barber College of Hair Styling



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